Short texts and dialogues can help students improve their reading comprehension, expand their vocabulary, and develop their language proficiency in Russian. By regularly reading and engaging with these texts, students can build their skills and confidence in using Russian language.

Short texts

Easy-to-read texts on different topics. The texts are accompanied by translations and explanations of key vocabulary.

Чем я занимаюсь в свободное время (What I do in my free time)

Почему я люблю свой город (Why I love my city)

Как управлять своим временем (How to manage your time)

Зачем нужно учить иностранные языки (Why you should learn foreign languages)

Коты – лучшие домашние животные (Cats are the best pets)

Как правильно управлять своими финансами (How to manage your finances properly)

Почему вредно пить кофе (Why it is harmful to drink coffee)

Три действенных способа побороть лень (3 Effective Ways to Overcome Laziness)

Москва (Moscow)


Dialogues provide examples of how language is actually used in real-life conversations. They showcase the language in context, including colloquial expressions, formalities, and informalities, helping learners become familiar with authentic dialogues they may encounter in everyday situations.

Here are dialogues on various topics and in different life situations.

Conversation Between Two Friends

Conversation at Work

Shopping dialogues (conversation between salesman and customer)

Parents vs. Children

At the Doctor’s

Conversation Between Two Neighbors