Adverbs of Place and Movement in Russian

There are hundreds of adverbs in Russian. We can’t cover them all in one post, but there are some different groups of adverbs that we can learn. This time it’s adverbs of place and movement. Let’s find out what they look like. Adverbs of Place Adverbs of place answer the question “Где?” (Where is?). They … Read more

Imperfective and Perfective Aspect: Big List of Russian Verbs

We don’t have perfect tense in Russian, so we show that an action is completed through the help of the verb aspect: imperfective and perfective. I created a big list of Russian verbs that have perfective forms. If you want to see it, just continue scrolling. But we have to learn the rules first. Imperfective … Read more

The Nominative Case: When do We Use It

The nominative case (именительный падеж) is the easiest one in the Russian language. It expresses an independent position of a noun in a sentence. It answers the questions Кто? or Что? (Who?/What?). In Russian dictionaries, all nouns are given in the nominative case. It’s actually the basic form of a noun. But when do we … Read more

Possessive Pronouns in Russian and Their Forms

There is no such thing as possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives in Russian. For us it’s actually the same thing. Have a look at these sentences: Here’s another example: Он сказал, что это не твоя машина. Зачем ты сказал мне, что она твоя? – He told me, it was not your car. Why did you tell … Read more

Difference between идти, ходить, приходить, уходить, заходить + many examples

In Russian things get very complicated when it comes to verbs. Especially verbs that describe moving, such as ходить, идти, приходить, прийти, прибывать and so on. I guess it’s time to explain why we have so many verbs of that kind and how to use them correctly. The similarity between these verbs is that they … Read more

Russian Prepositions в and на: how to use them correctly

It’s been a long time since I last posted. It’s the end of March, so why don’t we learn some grammar? Prepositions в and на, for examle. Russian prepostions в and на can be very tricky at times. Generally, в is very similar to the English “in”, and на is similar to “on”. But there … Read more

Question words in Russian

What? Which? Who? We ask too many questions every day using the same question words. But there are even more question words in Russian. I’ll try to list them all with translation and transcription. Что? [shtoh] – What? Кто? [ktoh] – Who? Как? [kak] – How? Когда? [kag-da] – When? Сколько? [skol-ka] – How many/ how much? … Read more

Demonstratives in Russian: how to say “this”, these”, “that”, and “those”

We use demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives all the time. It’s hard to imagine how we could live without them. They really make our life easier. When we want to point something specific, demonstrarives are essential. Demonstrative adjectives We use demonstrative adjectives in same situations as we do in English. But, unfortunatelly, like all Russian … Read more