Here you will find a collection of Russian audio recordings along with their written transcripts that have missing words. This allows you to test your listening comprehension by trying to fill in the blanks as you listen.

Summer Activities

City Life

I Love My Job

To use these listening exercises:

  1. Press play on an audio clip.
  2. Follow along with the written version that has blanks.
  3. Try to fill in the missing words as you listen.
  4. Check your work against the complete transcript.

Listening to and understanding spoken Russian is one of the most important skills to develop when learning the language. However, it can also be one of the most challenging. Listening to native speed audio can seem fast and overwhelming at first.

That’s why I’ve prepared these recordings specifically for Russian learners. The topics are accessible and the speech is clear at a pace aimed for those still developing comprehension abilities.

In addition to these exercises, I also host a Russian learning podcast that you can listen to in order to improve your listening skills over time.

With regular listening practice, you’ll gradually train your ear to parse the sounds of Russian speech and build understanding. Over time you’ll find yourself relying less on the written crutch and able to pick out more words by sound alone.