25 Commonly Used Russian Slang Words

There are lots of words that we use every day but they might confuse strangers. So, let’s make it easier to understand. Here’s the list of 25 popular Russian slang words explained + examples. But first, how about watching a video? It would be a good start for this lesson. блин Literal meaning: type of … Read more

What does “blin” mean in Russian?

Russians use this word all the time. For example, you may hear a phrase like this: Блин, как же мне надоело мыть посуду! Which actually means “I’m sick of doing dishes”. But if you search the first word in a dictionary, you might be surprised because it’s actually… food! And it really is. Blin (блин) … Read more

5 Modern Russian Internet Slang Words You Should Know

Hi! Do you like to chat with russian folk? Or maybe you prefer to spend you free time reading posts from russian users on social media? If it is so, you might find some words they speak extremely difficult to understand. Internet era has come to Russia as well, and our language started to change … Read more