What does “davai” mean?

If you are learning Russian by talking to your Russian friends or by watching TV in Russian, or by listening to the Russian radio, you might probably hear the word давай (davai), which is very common here. Let’s look at a dialog: – Привет! Какие у тебя планы на сегодня? (Hi! What are your plans … Read more

Ways to Say Goodbye in Russian

In one of my previous lessons we learned some basic greetings in Russian. Now it’s time to learn how to say goodbye in our beautiful language.  Don’t worry, there arn’t so many ways of doing this. Again, you can learn the most common phrases and this will be enough. However, I’ll try to describe all the possible … Read more

9 ways to greet someone in Russian

It is the right time to learn some greetings in Russian. I should notice that not all of them are commonly used in everyday life. We normally use just 2-3 greeting words for different situations. So, let’s find out how to greet someone in Russian. Formal greetings The first one will be very very difficult … Read more