Bathroom & Hygiene Vocabulary: Essential Guide

Гигиена (hygiene) is an important part of our daily routine which keeps us clean and healthy. In our everyday lives, being able to communicate effectively about bathroom-related topics is crucial.

This article aims to provide you with key vocabulary on this topic, enabling you to confidently navigate bathroom situations, discuss personal hygiene, and engage in everyday conversations.

Hygiene vocabulary in Russian

Here’s the vocabulary list with transcription.

ванная [vannaya] – bathroom (with a bathtub)

ванна [vanna] – bathtub

принадлежности для ванной и туалета – bathroom and toilet accessories

принимать ванну – to take a bath

душ [doosh] – shower

принимать душ – to take a shower

мыться [mitsa] – to bathe

Тебе нужно помыться. – You need to bathe.

ополаскиваться [apalaskeevatsa] – to rinse, to have a quick wash

туалет [tooalyet] – toilet, lavatory

Я хочу в туалет. – I want to go to the toilet.

Извините, где здесь туалет? – Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?

I want to go to the toilet in Russian

When it comes to discussing the act of going to the toilet in Russian, there are a few common expressions and phrases used.

to express the action of going to the toilet, you can use the verb “ходить в туалет“, which translates to “to go to the toilet” in English.

If you want to indicate the specific nature of the visit, you can use additional verbs:

  • писать [peesat’] refers to going to the toilet for urination.
  • какать [kakat’] indicates going to the toilet for defecation.

You can also you this phrase (a little old-fashioned):

Мне нужно в уборную. (I need to go to the restroom.)

It’s worth noting that discussing bathroom-related topics can be considered personal and context-dependent. Use your judgment and consider the level of formality and familiarity when engaging in conversations related to this subject.

туалетная бумага – toilet paper

унитаз [ooneetas] – toilet, lavatory pan

раковина [rakaveena] – sink

кран [kran] – tap, faucet

зеркало [zyerkala] – mirror

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полотенце [palatyentse] – towel (plural полотенца)

мыло [mila] – soap

жидкое мыло – liquid soap

намыливать – to soap

мыть руки – to wash hands

Часто мойте руки с мылом не менее двадцати секунд. – Wash your hands often with soap for at least twenty seconds.

Wash hands in Russian

зубная щётка – toothbrush

зубная паста – toothpaste

чистить зубы – to brush teeth

ополаскиватель для рта – mouthwash

электрическая зубная щётка – electric toothbrush

футляр для зубной щётки – toothbrush case

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мочалка [machalka] – washcloth, loofah

губка [goopka] – sponge

шампунь [shampoon’] – shampoo

пена [pyena] – foam

гель для душа – shower gel

расчёска [rashchyoska] – comb

расчёсывать волосы / расчёсываться – to comb/brush hair

Сходи расчешись и почисть зубы. – Go comb your hair and brush your teeth.

Comb hair in Russian

фен [fyen] – hair dryer

сушить волосы феном – to dry hair

лезвие [lyezveeye] – razor

пена для бритья – shaving foam

бриться [breetsa] – to shave, to get shaved

ватные палочки – cotton swabs

ватный диск – cotton pad

тампон [tampon] – tampon

прокладки [praklatkee] – pads

You can also watch my video on this topic. It’s bathroom vocabulary in picures with the words pronounced by native speakers.

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