Transportation Vocabulary: Vehicle Names (with Pronunciation)

There are different types of vehicles that one can use for their convenience. We use different names of machines that transports people in everyday speaking, so it’s better to learn at least the basic ones.

Here’s a list for you with most common types of vehicles (including transcription) that will help you increase your vocabulary.

Vehicle Names in Russian

транспорт [transpart] – transport, vehicle

транспортное средство (средство передвижения) – mean of transportation

колесо [kaleeso] – wheel

моноколесо [monakaleeso] – unicycle

коньки [kan’kee] – skates

роликовые коньки (ролики) – roller skates

сани [sanee] – sled

скейтборд – skateboard

гироскутер [geeraskooter]  – hoverboard

самокат [samakat] – scooter

электросамокат – electric scooter

скутер – motor scooter

велосипед [vyelasipet] – bicycle

мопед [mapyet] – moped

мотоцикл [matatsikl] – motorcycle

автомобиль [aftamabeel’] – automobile, car

машина [mashina] – car

автобус [aftobus] – bus

школьный автобус – school bus

поезд [poest] – train

такси [taksee] – taxi

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трамвай [tramvay] – tram

троллейбус [tralyeyboos] – trolleybus

метро [myetro] – subway

грузовик [groozaveek] – lorry; truck

фура [foora] – semi-truck

фургон [foorgon] – van

микроавтобус – minibus

трактор [traktor] – tractor

бульдозер [bool’dozyer] – bulldozer

самолёт [samalyot] – airplane

вертолёт [vyertalyot] – helicopter

дирижабль [deereezhabl’] – airship

воздушный шар – air balloon

лодка [lotka] – boat

подводная лодка – submarine

катер [katyer] – speedboat

яхта [yachta] – yacht

корабль [karabl’] – ship

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