Snow, Cold and Skating: Winter Vocabulary Word List

Winter is a wonderful, absolutely unique season. It’s snowy, icy, cold, sometimes frosty, but still very cosy and warm – when you think about winter you remember about warm clothes and reading books in front of a fireplace. For many of us it’s the best time of the year.

Winter has it’s own vocabulary and in this post we’ll be learning new words and phrases that are associated with this season.

Here’s a video vocabulary for you, if you prefer:

Weather/climate (Погода/климат)

The weather in Russia during winter can vary significantly depending on the region. Due to Russia’s vast size and diverse climate zones, the winter weather conditions can vary from extremely cold in the northern regions to milder temperatures in the south.

Here’s the vocabulary for climate events:

снег [snyek] – snow

Идёт снег. – It’s snowing.

снегопад [snyegapat] – snowfall

снеговик [snyegaveek] – snowman (also снежная баба)

снежинка [snyezhinka] – snowflake

снежный – snowy

лёд [lyot] – ice

ледяной – icy

холод [holat] – cold

холодно – it’s cold

мороз [maros] – frost

Вчера ночью был мороз. – There was a frost last night.

морозный – frosty

морозное утро – frosty morning

метель / вьюга / пурга – blizzard

снежная буря – snowstorm

сугроб – snowdrift

каток – (ice) rink

коньки – skates

сани – sledge (informal санки)

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Winter clothes (зимняя одежда)

During winter in Russia, people wrap themselves in warm and protective clothing to combat the chilly temperatures. Thick coats, fur hats, and heavy scarves are common essentials for battling the frosty weather.

Layering is key, with sweaters, thermal tops, and long-sleeved shirts providing extra warmth. Insulated boots, gloves, and thick socks help to keep feet and hands cozy in the cold.

Additionally, Russians often wear thermals and insulated leggings or tights underneath their pants for added insulation. Overall, the emphasis is on bundling up with durable and insulated garments to brave the winter elements.

Here’s what people usually wear in winter:

шапка [shapka] –  winter hat, beanie

шарф [sharf] – scarf

зимняя куртка [koortka] – winter coat

свитер [sveetyer] – sweater

варежки [varyeshkee] – mittens

перчатки [pyerchatkee] – gloves

носки [naskee] – socks

зимняя обувь – winter shoes

зимние сапоги – winter boots

валенки [valyenkee] – felt boots

тёплые вещи / тёплая одежда – warm clothes

Winter activities (зимние занятия)

In winter we can do things that are only possible during this season.

Winter in Russia offers a wide range of delightful activities that embrace the beauty of the season. From embracing the thrill of downhill skiing and snowboarding to gracefully gliding across ice rinks while ice skating, there’s no shortage of ways to embrace the winter wonderland.

Winter activities in Russian

кататься на лыжах – to ski

кататься на коньках – to ice skate

Когда я был мальчиком, я обожал кататься на коньках. – When I was a boy, I used to love ice-skating.

кататься на санках – to sled

играть в снежки – to play snowballs

лепить снеговика – to build a snowman

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чистить снег – to shovel snow

греться – to get warm

греться у камина – to warm yourself in front of the fireplace

замерзать/мёрзнуть – to freeze

Я замёрз(ла). – I’m cold (I’m frozen).

кататься с горки – to ride down the hill

валяться в снегу – to roll in the snow

зимняя рыбалка – ice fishing

сноубординг – snowboarding

хоккей (на льду) – ice hockey

I hope, this comprehensive winter vocabulary word list has provided you with an extensive collection of terms that capture the essence of the winter season.

Stay warm, stay curious, and keep exploring the enchanting world of winter through the power of language. You might do it by listening to the music as well. Enjoy!

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