Russian Words We Use To Refer to People

We use different types of words when talking about people in Russian: man, woman, girl, old man, person, folk, etc. We choose the appropriate word epending on the gender, age and other things. When we talk about people in general, we also have a variety of vocabulary to choose from. So, let’s find out how … Read more

Adverbs of Place and Movement in Russian

There are hundreds of adverbs in Russian. We can’t cover them all in one post, but there are some different groups of adverbs that we can learn. This time it’s adverbs of place and movement. Let’s find out what they look like. Adverbs of Place Adverbs of place answer the question “Где?” (Where is?). They … Read more

Imperfective and Perfective Aspect: Big List of Russian Verbs

We don’t have perfect tense in Russian, so we show that an action is completed through the help of the verb aspect: imperfective and perfective. I created a big list of Russian verbs that have perfective forms. If you want to see it, just continue scrolling. But we have to learn the rules first. Imperfective … Read more

The Nominative Case: When do We Use It

The nominative case (именительный падеж) is the easiest one in the Russian language. It expresses an independent position of a noun in a sentence. It answers the questions Кто? or Что? (Who?/What?). In Russian dictionaries, all nouns are given in the nominative case. It’s actually the basic form of a noun. But when do we … Read more

Giving Opinions in Russian: 30+ Real Examples

Here’s the list of common phrases to express your different points of views in Russian. I’ll add some example sentences so that you can learn how to speak up your mind. But first thing first. How to ask somebody’s opinion Что ты об этом думаешь? / Что ты думаешь об этом? – What do you … Read more

Hobbies and Free Time in Russian

Everyone has some kind of hobby or something they like to do in their free time. There are many types of free-time activities. In this lesson, I am going to show you lots of phrases and words so you can talk naturally about what you do in your free time. Чем ты занимаешься в свободное … Read more

38 Russian Words You Already Use in English

There are lots of Russian words that sound and look similar to English ones. Words that are identical in both languages can really help you. They are easy to remember. Here are some examples of common cognates you should recognize: доктор [doktar] – doctor профессор [prafyessar] – professor академия [akadyemiya] – academy университет [univyersityet] – … Read more

What are you wearing? Russian Vocabulary for Clothing

It’s time to talk about things that we wear. The words below are some of the most important used when talking about clothing in Russian. Names of Clothes одежда [adyezhda] – clothes майка [mayka] – vest футболка [futbolka] – t-shirt рубашка [rubashka] – shirt блузка [bluzka] – blouse жилет [zhilyet] – waistcoat пиджак [pidzhak] – … Read more