Talking about the weather in Russian

Weather… it is crazy sometimes. Especially here, in Russia. Our country is huge and the climate varies in different parts of it. When it’s snowing in the north, it can still be warm in the south. 

So, the weather takes a huge part of our everyday conversation. We talk about the weather with our friends, neighbours, acquaintances even if it doesn’t make sense. But how do we talk about the weather in Russian? How can we describe a nasty or a good weather? Let’s find out!

Weather Vocabulary Words List

пого́да – weather

прогно́з пого́ды – weather forcast

о́блачность – overcast

со́лнце – sun

не́бо – sky

о́блако – cloud

ту́ча – black cloud (before rain)

ве́тер – wind

дождь (m.) – rain

ли́вень (m.) – shower

снег – snow

град – hail

росá – dew

тумáн – fog

грозá – thunderstorm

шторм – storm

Visual weather dictionary in Russian:

Questions about the weather

In Russia people usually ask about the weather by saying:

Какая сегодня погода? – How’s the weather today?

Какая сегодня температура? – What’s the temperature today?

Сколько сегодня градусов? – How much degrees is today?

Какую погоду обещают завтра? – What’s the forecast for tomorrow?

Adjectives to describe the weather

холодный – cold (холодный ветер – cold wind, холодная вода – cold water)

тёплый – warm (тёплый день – a warm day, тёплая погода – warm weather, тёплое время

суток – the warm part of the day)

жаркий – hot 

морозный – freezing

туманный – foggy

солнечный – sunny

безо́блачный – cloudless

дождливый – rainy

пасмурный/облачный – cloudy

прохладный – cool

Weather vocabulary in Russian

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The Weather in Russian

Хорошая погода. – A good weather. 

Сего́дня хоро́шая пого́да. – The weather is fine today.

Плохая погода. – A bad weather.

я́сная пого́да – clear skies

о́блачная пого́да – partly cloudy (skies)

неблагоприя́тная пого́да – unfavourable weather (conditions)

Солнечно. – It’s sunny. 

Завтра будет солнечно. – Tomorrow will be a sunny day. 

Облачно/пасмурно – It’s cloudy.

Холодно. – It’s cold.

Тепло. – It’s warm.

Жарко. – It’s hot.

Note that we use adverbs ending in -o here to describe the weather. We can also use adjectives with nouns but if we just want to make a short statement about how the weather is it’s better to do it with adverbs like пасмурно, холодно, жарко etc. These two are similar: сегодня солнечная погода and сегодня солнечно (it’s sunny today), however the second one is more common. Collocations “жаркая погода” or “холодная погода” sound quite unnatural. 

Идёт снег. – It’s snowing.

Идёт дождь. – It’s raining.

Ду́ет ве́тер. – It’s windy.

Солнце светит. – The sun is shining.

Notice that we use the verb “идти” with raining and snowing. We literally say that the snow or the rain “goes”. It’s another funny thing about the Russian language. 

Here are some collocations with the word дождь (rain):

Rain in Russian

Here are some phrases to describe certain weather conditions:

Сегодня очень сильный ветер. – The wind is very strong today.

Небо так быстро темнеет. Скоро пойдет дождь. – The sky is getting dark so quickly. It’s going to rain soon.

Сегодня довольно прохладно. Завтра обещают жаркий день. – Today it is quite cool. The weather forecasters promise a hot day for tomorrow.

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