Seasons and Months in Russian: Pronunciation and Declension

There are four seasons of the year and you all know them. But how do they sound in Russian? Let’s find out.

Seasons in Russian

зима [zima] – winter
весна [visna] – spring
лето [leta] – summer
осень [osen’] – autumn

зима (when?) – зимой
весна (when?) – весной
лето (when?) – летом
осень (when?) – осенью

Example sentences:

Этим летом мы поедем в Сочи. – We’re going to Sochi this summer.

Весной птицы прилетают (возвращаются) с юга. – In spring birds come back from the south.

Осенью часто идёт дождь. – It often rains in autumn.

Months in Russian

The names of months in Russian are very similar to English ones. You might recognize them without translation.

Noticed something? The names are not capitalized. For example:

К январю мы закончим строительство дома. – By January we will finish building our home.

If you want to say in what month you did something, remember the declension of each word:

в январе in January

в феврале in February

в марте in March

в апреле in April

в мае in May

в июне in June

в июле in July

в августе in August

в сентябре in September

в октябре in October

в ноябре in November

в декабре in December

Here is how we use months with the preposition к (by):

к январю by January

к февралю by February

к марту by March

к апрелю by April

к маю by May

к июню by June

к июлю by July

к августу by August

к сентябрю by September

к октябрю by October

к ноябрю by November

к декабрю by December

Want to make the learning process a little easier? Check out this video. It will help you remember all the words and their pronunciation.

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