30 Russian Adjectives to Describe Someone’s Personality

Our personality makes us unique. There are different people around with different characters. Someone is always cheerful and friendly. Someone is too shy to talk to people. Someone doesn’t like to smile and looks very ungracious. Now we will try to describe someone’s personality in Russian.

Character traits can be both positive and negative. Some traits are neutral and can’t be called good or bad. So, there will be three lists of adjectives you should learn.

Adjectives to Describe Personality in Russian

Positive personality adjectives

добрый – kind

смелый – brave

дружелюбный – friendly

приветливый – affable

вежливый – polite

любознательный – inquisitive

умный – clever, intelligent

честный – honest

ответственный – responsible

милый – nice

мудрый – wise

щедрый – generous

работящий – hard-working

Don’t forget that this is a masculine form of adjectives. Here are some examples of describing someone’s personality in Russian:

Моя подруга очень добрая. – My friend (female) is very kind.

Он всегда очень приветливый. – He’s always very affable.

Твоя сестра такая любознательная. Она постоянно чему-то учится. – Your sister is so inquisitive. She’s constantly learning something.

Negative personality adjectives

злой – mean

ненадежный – unreliable

мстительный – revengeful

трусливый – cowardly

ленивый – lazy

неприятный – unpleasant

завистливый – envious

грубый – rude

глупый – dull, silly

жадный – greedy

ворчливый – grumbling

нервный – nervous

Neutral personality adjectives

скромный – shy, timid

разговорчивый – chatty

забавный/смешной – funny

непостоянный – changeable, inconstant

амбициозный – ambitious

требовательный – exacting

What are your personality traits? How would you describe yourself in Russian? Or maybe your friend and someone you know.

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  1. Thank you– this is super. Have you considered expanding this list?

    As we move to the b2-c level and start reading Russian literature, it's amazing how rich Russian is in words to describe character and personality!


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