How to compliment in Russian (women or men)

Compliments help us to ingratiate ourselves to other people. It can be used for profit, but most of the time we just want to make someone feel good. Everyone likes to recieve compliments. In this lesson we’re going to learn how to compliment a woman or a man in Russian and how to respond when someone gives you a compliment. 

How to compliment a woman in Russian

It’s no secret that the best way to make a woman like you is to compliment her. We love to hear beautiful things. We like to hear that someone thinks we look good. We like to know that someone thinks we are very intelligent. So, there are some typical phrases which can help you to make a woman happy:

Ты очень красивая. – You are very beautiful.

Ты очень умная. – You are very smart (intelligent).

У тебя такие красивые глаза. – You have such beautiful eyes.

Мне нравится твое платье. – I like your dress. 

Ты великолепно выглядишь. – You look great.

Тебе идет этот цвет. – That color looks good on you.

Мне нравится твоя новая прическа. – I love your new hairstyle.

Ты прекрасно готовишь. – You are such an amazing cook.

How to compliment a man in Russian

Now we’ll try to compliment a man. It’s not so easy as it seems. You should choose right words to point out best male features.

С тобой приятно общаться. – It’s very nice to talk to you (I like talking to you).

Ты такой умный. – You are so smart.

Ты такой сильный. – You are so strong.

Ты хорошо выглядишь. – You look good.

Мне нравится твой стиль. – I like your style. 

У тебя приятный голос. – You have a lovely voice.

Accepting a compliment 

Here are some expressions you can use to accept a compliment or to react to it in some other way.  

Спасибо. – Thank you.

Ты правда так думаешь? – Do you really think so?

Ты такой милый. – You’re so sweet (about a man).

Я так не думаю, но все равно спасибо. – I don’t think so, but thanks anyway.

Ты такой подхалим. – You’re such a toady.  (he-he)


I hope theses phrases are enough to make someone happy. If you want to know how to say any phrase in Russian, just post a comment below. I’ll be glad to answer you as soon as possible.

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