50+ Great Compliments in Russian for Any Occasion

Compliments have the power to brighten someone’s day, boost their confidence, and foster positive connections.

In Russian culture, expressing appreciation and admiration through compliments is a heartfelt way to connect with others. Whether you want to compliment a woman or a man, knowing the right words can help you convey your genuine praise.

In this article, we’ll explore the art of complimenting in Russian, covering general guidelines and providing examples of how to compliment women and men.

Compliments in Russian

When giving a compliment in Russian, the choice between using ты or вы depends on the level of familiarity and formality of the relationship with the person you are complimenting.

Ты is the informal singular “you.” It is used when you have a close relationship with the person, such as friends, family, or peers of similar age and status.

Ты очень красиво поёшь! – You sing beautifully!

Вы is the formal singular “you” and the plural “you” (both formal and plural “you” have the same form). It is used in more formal or respectful contexts, such as speaking to someone older, in a professional setting, or when showing respect to a person of authority.

Вы отлично справляетесь со своей работой! – You do an excellent job with your work!

In general, if you are unsure which form to use, it’s often safe to start with вы (especially in professional or unfamiliar settings) and then follow the lead of the person being complimented. If they respond with ты or encourage a more informal tone, you can switch to ты accordingly.

Complimenting Appearance

It’s no secret that the best way to make a woman like you is to compliment her. We love to hear beautiful things. We like to hear that someone thinks we look good. We like to know that someone thinks we are very intelligent. So, there are some typical phrases which can help you to make a woman happy:

Вы/ты очень красивая. – You are very beautiful. (for a woman)

Вы/ты очень красивый. – You are very handsome. (for a man)

Вы/ты просто красавица. – You’re just a beauty. (for a woman)

Вы/ты симпатичный. – You’re good-looking. (for a man)

У вас/тебя такие красивые глаза! – What beautiful eyes you have!

Мне нравится твое платье. – I like your dress.

Ты хорошо выглядишь. – You look good.

Ты великолепно выглядишь. – You look great.

Тебе идёт этот цвет. – That color looks good on you.

Мне нравится твой стиль. – I like your style.

Мне нравится твоя новая прическа. – I love your new hairstyle.

Замечательное платье! Оно вам/тебе так идёт. – What a wonderful dress! It suits you so well.

У вас/тебя красивая/прекрасная улыбка! – You have a beautiful smile!

Ты очарователен (m.) / очаровательна (f.)! – You are charming!

Ты прекрасно одеваешься! – You dress beautifully!

Ты такой стильный (m.) / такая стильная (f.)! – You are so stylish!

Ты выглядишь великолепно в этом наряде! – You look fabulous in that outfit!

У вас/тебя красивые волосы! – You have beautiful hair!

Ты такой элегантный (m.) / такая элегантная (f.)! – You are so elegant!

У вас/тебя прекрасная фигура! – You have a wonderful figure!

Ты такой обаятельный (m.) / такая обаятельная (f.)! – You are so charming!

У вас/тебя прекрасная кожа. – You have beautiful skin.

Ты так молодо выглядишь! – You look so youthful!

У вас/тебя красивый макияж. – Your makeup looks beautiful.

Ты такой сильный. – You are so strong. (for a man)

Remember that compliments should come from the heart. Be genuine and authentic in your praises.

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Complimenting Achievements or Skills

When complimenting someone’s work, skills, or achievements in Russian, it’s important to be specific and highlight the aspects you genuinely admire. Here are some phrases to compliment someone’s work, skills, or achievements in Russian:

Молодец! – Well done!

Отличная работа! – Great work!

Ваши/твои навыки впечатляют. – Your skills are impressive.

Ты проделал (m.) /проделала (f.) отличную работу. – You did an excellent job. (informal)

Вы проделали отличную работу. – You did an excellent job. (formal)

У тебя здорово получается. – You’re really good at this.

У вас/тебя фантастические достижения. – You have fantastic achievements.

Мне нравится ваша/твоя презентация. – I like your presentation.

Я восхищаюсь вашей/твоей настойчивостью и преданностью работе. – I admire your persistence and dedication to your work.

Твоя работа – пример для других. – Your work is an example to others.

Ты проявляешь высокий уровень профессионализма во всём, что делаешь. – You demonstrate a high level of professionalism in everything you do.

Ты прекрасно готовишь. – You are such an amazing cook.

Complimenting Personal Qualities

Complimenting personal qualities is a wonderful way to show appreciation and admiration for someone’s character and unique traits. In Russian, there are various ways to compliment personal qualities:

У вас/тебя замечательный характер! – You have a wonderful character!

У вас/тебя прекрасное чувство юмора! – You have a wonderful sense of humor!

С вами/тобой приятно общаться. – It’s very nice to talk to you (I like talking to you).

Вы/ты очень умная. – You are very smart/intelligent. (for a woman)

Вы/ты такой умный. – You are so smart. (for a man)

Вы/ты очень добрый человек! – You are a very kind person!

Ты такой добрый (m.) / такая добрая (f.). – You’re so kind.

Ты такой смелый (m.) / такая смелая (f.). – You’re so brave.

Ты такой мудрый (m.) / такая мудрая (f.)! – You are so wise!

Ты такой внимательный (m.) / такая внимательная (f.)! – You are so attentive!

Ты очень талантливый (m.) / талантливая (f.). – You’re so talented.

У вас/тебя приятный голос. – You have a lovely voice.

У вас/тебя доброе сердце. – You have a kind heart.

У вас/тебя особенная способность вдохновлять других! – You have a special ability to inspire others!

Ты всегда находишь позитивные стороны во всём! – You always find the positive sides in everything!

Remember, when complimenting personal qualities, sincerity and genuine appreciation are key. Tailor your compliments to the specific qualities you admire in a person, and deliver them with warmth and kindness.

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Accepting a Compliment

Receiving a compliment with grace and appreciation is just as important as giving one! To respond to a compliment in Russian, you can use these phrases:

Спасибо! – Thank you!

Спасибо за комплимент! / Благодарю за комплимент! – Thank you for the compliment!

Мне очень приятно! – It’s very kind/nice of you!

Вы мне льстите! (formal) / Ты мне льстишь! (informal) – You flatter me!

У вас (тебя) тоже / Вы (ты) тоже. – You too (in response to a compliment), e.g., У вас тоже отличный вкус! – You have great taste too!

Ты правда так думаешь? – Do you really think so?

Ты такой милый. – You’re so sweet (about a man).

Я так не думаю, но все равно спасибо. – I don’t think so, but thanks anyway.

Remember, receiving compliments with gratitude helps maintain positive social interactions and fosters a sense of connection. Embrace the kindness and appreciate the goodwill behind the compliment.

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