7 Different Ways to Say Goodnight: Russian Phrases

In this post I’ll give you a short list of phrases that you can use to wish someone a good night in Russian.

But first, let’s look at some grammar rules here.

Two most common phrases we say when going to bed are Спокойной ночи. (literally: calm night) and Приятных снов. (Sweet/nice dreams).

We use genitive here, bexause we mean to say “I wish you…” (Я желаю тебе/вам). And the verb желать is used with the genitive case.

So, we don’t say “спокойная ночь” (nominative), we say “спокойной ночи” instead.

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Night phrases in Russian

Phrases we use to say Goodnight

Спокойной ночи. – Calm Night.


Доброй ночи. – Good Night.

Приятных снов. – Nice dreams.


Сладких снов. – Sweet dreams.

Выспись хорошенько. – Have a good sleep.

Спи крепко. – Sleep tight.

Баиньки/споки-ноки. (slang)

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Ways to say “go to sleep”

Я иду спать. – I’m going to sleep/bed.

Пора спать. – It’s time to sleep.

Пора в кровать. – It’s bedtime.

Уже очень поздно, мне пора спать. – It’s very late, time to sleep for me.

Иди спать. – Go to sleep.

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