What to Read in Russian: 13 Great Free Resources

Reading articles, stories, and news in Russian is one of the best ways to improve your language skills. It builds vocabulary, improves comprehension, and exposes you to real-world grammar and expressions.

In this post, I have compiled a list of great websites and blogs that publish free articles in Russian. They cover a wide range of topics from news and politics to science, technology, and literature. Whether you are a beginner looking for simple texts or an advanced learner seeking more complex reading, you will find something helpful on this list.


Link: https://lifehacker.ru

The name says it all – this site is a collection of tips and life hacks spanning different spheres. In addition to articles, Lifehacker has its own podcast.


Link: https://knife.media

An online magazine writing on a wide variety of topics. Their brief description: ‘Daily reading for an intelligent person.’ Topics include psychology, science, medicine, culture, and news. There is also a section for reading the latest news.


Link: https://arzamas.academy/mag

A project dedicated to cultural history. It covers literature, art, history, and other humanities in an accessible way despite the complexity. In addition to articles, it also offers audio lectures.


Link: https://snob.ru

‘Snob’ is a discussion, news, and social space for intellectual people who live in different countries, speak different languages, but think in Russian.

The magazine also has a print version, but the website offers more opportunities – for example, visitors can publish their own stories.

Theory & Practice

Link: https://theoryandpractice.ru

‘Теории и практики’ – an educational media focused on personal growth and professional development.

Правила Жизни

Link: https://www.pravilamag.ru

A journal about culture and art including books, films, lifestyle, and biographies of famous figures. It also has a print version.


Link: https://ideanomics.ru

Ideas about technology, business, life, and self-improvement collected in one place. The authors collect the best articles from foreign resources and translate them into Russian.

T — Ж

Link: https://journal.tinkoff.ru

Tons of useful information about money and how to manage it properly. Not only editorial articles but also texts from readers sharing personal experiences in different spheres of life.


Link: https://incrussia.ru

Inc. is a magazine for entrepreneurs covering small and medium businesses, advanced technologies, and the people behind them. This is the Russian version of the American publication.


Link: https://www.forbes.ru

Forbes likely needs no description. No matter what country you are in, you have probably heard of this publication. In addition to articles and news, there are also podcasts to listen to.

The Village

Link: https://www.the-village.ru

A magazine about cities and life that was blocked in Russia. It openly writes about topics that currently cannot be discussed in the country.


Link: https://meduza.io

Another opposition publication. The news published on this site is noticeably different from state propaganda, with journalism that is closer to reality.


Link: https://www.sports.ru

The largest Russian media dedicated to sports and everything related. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to bookmark this page.

Immersing yourself in these Russian language websites and blogs will help build up your vocabulary and comprehension. You will learn new words and expressions within meaningful contexts. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand everything at first – just take it bit by bit.

Try choosing simpler texts at the start and work your way up as your skills improve. The key is regular practice. Use these quality free resources to supplement your language studies. In no time, you’ll find reading Russian becoming easier and more enjoyable. Pick an article of interest and start reading today!

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