Kitchen Vocabulary in Russian: Things You Use to Cook and Eat

A kitchen, as you already know, is used for cooking and food preparation. There are so many things that you can find in this usually small room. In this lesson, you will learn the names of all kitchen utensils and appliances in Russian.

Plates and dishes (посуда)

Let’s start with containers that we usually use to cook, serve or store food.

однора́зовая посу́да – disposable utensils

таре́лка – plate

ми́ска – bowl (informal – ча́шка)

пла́стиковая ми́ска/ча́шка – plastic bowl

стекля́нная ми́ска/ча́шка – glass bowl

ча́шка – cup

стака́н – glass (can be used for any cylindrical container without a handle, used for drinking)

бока́л – wine glass

кру́жка – mug

кастрю́ля – pot (a container for cooking in water, that has handles and a lid)

сковорода́ – frying pan (informal – сковоро́дка)

ча́йник – kettle

зава́рочный ча́йник – teapot

ба́нка – jar

Cutlery (столовые приборы)

Next we’ll learn the things you hold in your hand to serve or eat the food.

ло́жка – spoon

столо́вая ло́жка – tablespoon

ча́йная ло́жка – tea spoon

деревя́нная ло́жка – wooden spoon

ви́лка – fork

нож – knife

нож для ма́сла – butter knife

поло́вник – ladle (informal – поварёшка)

Kitchen utensils (кухонные принадлежности)

Now it’s time to learn the names of things we usually use to prepare food.

лопа́тка – spatula

разде́лочная доска́ – cutting board

тёрка – grater

ме́рный стака́н – measuring cup

ска́лка – rolling pin

пресс для чеснока́ – garlic press

ве́нчик – whisk

толку́шка – potato masher

си́то – sieve

дуршла́г – colander

што́пор – corkscrew

весы́ – scales

фа́ртук – apron

прихва́тка – potholder

ра́ковина – sink

Electrical equipment (электрооборудование)

Finally, we have a list of electrical devices that can be found in the kitchen.

ми́ксер – mixer

бле́ндер – blender

микроволно́вая печь – microwave oven (informal – микроволно́вка)

мясору́бка – meat grinder

то́стер – toaster

кофева́рка – coffee machine

холоди́льник – refrigerator

плита́ – cooker/range

посудомо́ечная маши́на – dishwasher

Watch this video to hear the pronunciation of the words listed above.

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