How to Say 100+ Animal Names in Russian

From the majestic bears of Siberia to the graceful ballet of a swan on a tranquil lake, Russia is a country teeming with an incredible diversity of wildlife. If you’ve ever found yourself captivated by the beauty and mystery of the animal kingdom, then this article is for you.

In this comprehensive guide to animals vocabulary in Russian, I’m not just here to teach you the words for common animals you might encounter in Russia. No, we’re taking it a step further and explore the diverse fauna representatives of our planet.

Млекопитающие (Mammals)

медведь – bear

белый медведь – polar bear

волк – wolf

лиса, лисица – fox

заяц – hare

ёж – hedgehog

зебра – zebra

слон – elephant

жираф – giraffe

верблюд – camel

гиена – hyena

рысь – lynx

лев – lion

тигр – tiger

леопард – leopard

гепард – cheetah

пума – puma

пантера – panther

муравьед – anteater

броненосец – armadillo

барсук – badger

летучая мышь – bat

бобр, бобёр – beaver

выдра – otter

шимпанзе – chimpanzee

олень – deer

северный олень – reindeer

лось – elk

американский лось – moose

лама – llama

антилопа – antelope

газель – gazelle

конь (m.), лошадь (f.) – horse

пони – pony

мул – mule

осёл – donkey

вол – bullock

корова – cow

бык – bull

козёл; коза – goat

овца – sheep

свинья – pig

сурок – marmot

норка – mink

крот – mole

кот (m.), кошка (f.) – cat

собака – dog

мышь – mouse

крыса – rat

морская свинка – guinea pig

хомяк – hamster

панда – panda

утконос – platypus

хорёк – polecat

дикобраз – porcupine

енот – racoon

скунс – skunk

ленивец – sloth

белка – squirrel

ласка – weasel

бегемот – hippopotamus

носорог – rhinoceros

тюлень – seal

морж – walrus

дельфин – dolphin

кит – whale

Animals in Russian (mammals)

A few words about animals in Russia.

The forests here are home to a wide variety of animals. These include large creatures like the brown bear, which is powerful and can be seen wandering in search of food. The Eurasian lynx, with its tufted ears, is a stealthy predator that moves silently through the forest. The red fox, known for its reddish fur, is clever and adapts well to different environments.

The red fox is a highly adaptable and widespread species found in various habitats, including forests

The wild boar is a common species in Russian forests. It is a robust and opportunistic omnivore, known for its tusks and its tendency to roam in groups called sounders.

There are also smaller creatures in the forest, such as squirrels that move quickly between trees and the European badger, known for its nocturnal habits.

I was recently walking in the park (mid-July) when I had an unexpected encounter with a squirrel. It started running towards me for some reason, and its boldness startled me.

Squirrels are commonly found in Russian parks, even in small forested areas, which are quite common in cities. However, the number of squirrels I saw in the area where I was walking was unlike anything I had ever seen before. In fact, it was so remarkable that I even took a photo of them.

squirrels in Russian park

Since the photo was taken from a distance, the visibility is poor, but I managed to capture approximately four squirrels in the same frame.

Here’s a close-up of one of them.

squirrel on the tree

Squirrels compete for food with pigeons. People eagerly feed the squirrels and love to photograph them. After all, fauna in the middle of a big city is a gimmick.

squirrel and pigeons

Птицы (Birds)

воробей – sparrow

ворона – crow

кукушка – cuckoo

дятел – woodpecker

ласточка – swallow

стриж – swift

синица – tit

голубь – dove, pigeon

петух – rooster

курица – hen, chicken

цыплёнок – little chicken

индюк; индейка – turkey

гусь – goose

утка – duck

дикая утка – mallard

лебедь – swan

орёл – eagle

сокол – falcon

зяблик – finch

дрозд – robin

чёрный дрозд – blackbird

канарейка – canary

фламинго – flamingo

чайка – gull

ястреб; сокол – hawk

галка – jackdaw

сойка – jay

соловей – nightingale

поползень – nuthatch

сова; сыч; филин – owl

длиннохвостый попугай – parakeet

попугай – parrot

павлин – peacock

страус – ostrich

фазан – pheasant

аист – stork

альбатрос – albatross

пеликан – pelican

гриф – vulture

пингвин – penguin

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Рыба и мелкие морские обитатели (Fish and small sea inhabitants)

карась – crucian carp (the type of fish you can encounter in almost every Russian lake and river)

рыба – fish

карп; сазан – carp

треска – cod

угорь – eel

золотая рыбка – goldfish

палтус – halibut

окунь – perch

щука – pike

камбала – plaice

форель – trout

лосось; сёмга – salmon

пиранья – piranha

пила-рыба – sawfish

скат – ray

медуза – jellyfish

краб – crab

омар – lobster

акула – shark

креветка – shrimp

Насекомые (Insects)

жук – beetle

муравей – ant

пчела – bee

шмель – bumblebee

оса – wasp

бабочка – butterfly

гусеница – caterpillar

таракан – cockroach

стрекоза – dragonfly

комар – mosquitoes

In Russia, “комары” (mosquitoes) are a common pest, especially during the warmer months. Russia’s vast territory, with its numerous lakes, rivers, and marshlands, provides ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

These insects are known for their irritating bites, which can cause itching. Mosquitoes are most active during the summer evenings and nights, especially in regions with humid climates, such as the Russian Far East and parts of Siberia. People in Russia as applying insect repellents, using mosquito nets, and wearing long sleeves and pants when spending time outdoors.

муха – fly

овод, слепень – gadfly

кузнечик – grasshopper

божья коровка – ladybug/ ladybird

тля – aphid

блоха – flea

вошь – louse

мошка – midge

моль; мотылёк – moth

личинка – larva

куколка – nymph

Пресмыкающиеся (Reptiles)

пресмыкающееся, рептилия – reptile

змея – snake

ядовитая змея – poisonous / venomous snake

обыкновенный удав – constrictor snake

удав – boa

питон – python

анаконда – anaconda

ящерица – lizard

игуана – iguana

хамелеон – chameleon

крокодил – crocodile

саламандра – salamander

черепаха – tortoise, turtle

Земноводные (Amphibians)

земноводное – amphibian

лягушка – frog

тритон – newt

жаба – toad

Паукообразные (Arachnids)

паук – spider

паук-сенокосец – harvestman

тарантул – tarantula

скорпион – scorpion

Other animals

червяк – worm

земляной червь, дождевой червь – earthworm

пиявка – leech

слизень, слизняк – slug

улитка – snail

многоножка – millepede

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