Times of the Day: What are Different Parts of the Day Called in Russian?

In this post we’re going to learn words and phrases related to different parts of the day and how to talk about them. I’ll add transctiption to every word, so you can pronounce them correctly.

Let’s begin!

утро [utra] – morning

Я не мог уснуть до утра. – I couldn’t get to sleep until the morning.

Я выгуливаю собаку по утрам. – I walk my dog in the mornings.

раннее утро – early morning

утром [utram] – in the morning

Увидимся завтра утром. – See you tomorrow morning.

In the morning in Russian

день [dyen’] – day, afternoon

полдень [poldyen’] – midday, noon

днём [dnyom] – in the daytime, in the afternoon

Днём было жарко. – It was warm in the afternoon.

вечер [vyecher] – evening

Спасибо за чудесный вечер. – Thank you for a lovely evening.

вечером [vyecheram] – in the evening

Я вернусь вечером. – I’ll be back in the evening.

Увидимся сегодня вечером. – See you tonight.

ночь [noch’] – night

At night in Russian

полночь [polnach’] – midnight

поздняя ночь – late night

Я часто работаю по ночам. – I often work at nights.

ночью [noch’yu] – at night

Прошлой ночью было холодно. – Last night was cold.

Parts of the day in Russian

рассвет [rasvyet] – dawn

на рассвете [na rasvyetye] – at dawn

закат [zakat] – sunset

на закате [na zakatye] – at sunset

Here’s the video version of this lesson.