How to Describe Size of Objects in Russian

You’re about to learn some new adjectives and phrases that will help you describe the size of literally anything.

Let’s begin with the basics:

Size adjectives in Russian

This was the masculine version. Don’t forget that adjectives in Russian also have feminine and neuter forms. And plural!

So, we have:






крошечная зарплата – tiny salary (f.)

маленькое озеро – small lake (n.)

большой стол – big table (m.)

огромные тучи – huge clouds (pl.)

Instead of крошечный we often use малюсенький [malyusyen’kiy], which also mean very little:

Эта тарелка совсем малюсенькая. – This plate is really tiny.

A common synonym for огромный is громадный [gramadniy].

У него громадный дом! – He has a huge house!

Эти штаны просто громадные. – These pants are just huge.

Very big and too little

Now it’s time to add some words to show that something is very big, too small, etc.

Well, there are two basic ways for it. Using очень (very):

Describing size in Russian

And using слишком (too):

Describing something very big or small in Russian

An alternative to слишком is чересчур:

Диван чересчур маленький. – The sofa is too small.

More commonly people use сильно (strongly), but in everyday speaking only.

Эта сковородка сильно большая. – This frying pan is too big.

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