Body parts in Russian: basic vocabulary for beginners

Let’s learn some new vocabulary. This time we will look at some words that refer to body parts. It’s crucial know the names of each part of your body if you study Russian. So, today’s lesson is pretty basic.

We’re going to begin with this picture that describes perfectly basic body parts.

Body Parts in Russian

Head (голова)

голова [galava] – head

лоб [lop] – forehead

бровь [brov’] – eyebrow; брови [brovi] – eyebrows

глаз [glaz] – eye, eyes – глаза [glaza]

нос [nos] – nose

рот [rot] – mouth

щека [shheka] – cheek, щёки [shhyoki] – cheeks

подбородок [padbarodak] – chin

ухо [ukha] – ear, уши [ushi] – ears

волосы [volasi] – hair

By the way, you can also watch my video on this topic. All the words listed in the article you can find there as well.

Body (тело)

тело [tyela] – body (also туловище [tulavishhe] – rarely used, usually when talking about inanimate objects like dolls)

рука [ruka] arm

кисть [kist’] hand (we usually use рука instead of кисть)

палец [palets] finger (both on a hand and on a foot)

локоть [lokat’] elbow

нога [naga] leg

колено [kalena] knee

ступня [stupnya] foot

грудь [grud’] chest

живот [zhivot] stomach

пупок [pupok] – navel

We often use slang words to describe body parts. For example:

пузо, брюхо – stomach

грабля – hand /arm, грабли – hands/arms (грабли means rake)

пакля (пакли) – hand (hands)

ласты – feet

лохмы – hair

To finish this lesson, let’s have a closer look at the human’s eye and learn every part of it:

Eye parts in Russian

веко [vyeka] – eyelid, веки [veki] – eyelids

нижнее веко [nizhneye veka] – top lid

верхнее веко [verkhneye veka] – bottom lid

ресница [resnitsa] – eyelash, ресницы [resnitsi] – eyelashes

зрачок [zrachok] – pupil

радужная оболочка [raduzhnaya abalochka] – iris

That’s it! Hope it was useful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below 🙂

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