City Objects and Places in Russian | Vocabulary List

There are many different objects and places in a city. If you travel to Russia, you have to know the names of all those places. When you need to ask for directions, it can be extremely useful. Here’s the list of the most typical objects and places: City places центр (города) – city center парк – … Read more

Opposite Adjectives in Russian: Full List

Adjectives are words that characterize names in various ways. Below is a list of opposite adjectives in Russian you should learn to expand your vocabulary. хороший (good) – плохой (bad) добрый (kind) – злой (evil) светлый (light) – тёмный (dark) старый (old) – новый (new) старый (old) – молодой (young) большой (big) – маленький (small) высокий … Read more

Food Vocabulary in Russian: Basic Words and Phrases

Food is an essential part of our lives. We can’t live without it. It’s an important topic, so you have to know how to talk about it in Russian. In the sections below you’ll find vocabulary lists to help you learn lots of new words and phrases about food. If you don’t like reading, watch … Read more

15 Russian Verbs for Speaking with Example Sentences

There are many verbs in English that describe speaking. In this post, you will learn all of them. Well, If I don’t forget to mention some. Говори́ть to speak, to talk Я говорю по-английски. – I speak English. Они все говорят, что невиновны. – They all say they’re innocent. Я уже говорил со своим адвокатом. – … Read more