10 Easiest Russian Words for Absolute Beginners

Hello, readers! It’s the April fool’s day today, the second spring month has just started. But… It is snowing outside here in Siberia, which makes me a little sad 😞 Because I want summer! Or at least I want the warm spring to finally come here. 

Anyway, it’s not a case. This post is for those who only started to learn Russian and have some fear of learning it. There’s a video for you to learn your first 10 Russian words without any pain! Just watch, listen and repeat. I know you all can do it. If you’re a higher level student, it can be hardly interesting for you, maybe just for checking your pronounciation.

What Russian words are easy for you to read and pronounce? Maybe it’s a good idea to make a big list of easy Russian words and share it with all the other learners. What would you suggest?

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