How to say “How are you?” in Russian

When you meet your friend, acquaintance or someone new, before you start communicating you say some general things, like “Hi” and “How are you?”. In one of my previous lessons I told you about common greetings that we use in Russia. You can use any of these words to start a coversation. Just remember that they … Read more

Adjectives to describe colors in Russian

There are so many colors around us. All of them make our life diverse, entertaining and cheerful. In this lesson you’ll learn how to describe colors in Russian. First of all, I’ve got to say that it’s much easier to do it in English. And there are some reasons. Depending on the gender of a … Read more

How to say you have something in Russian

In this lesson we are going to talk about possession in the Russian language. This topic is essential for understanding Russian. The point is that we don’t use the phrase “I have” to express possession. The actual possessive construction might be very confusing for English speakers. Not only for them probably, because most languages use … Read more

Cardinal and ordinal numerals in Russian

Today we’re going to talk about Russian numbers. Phone numbers, counting people, things and money – numerals are everywhere. That’s why this topic is essential if you want to speak Russian very well. Cardinal numerals Let’s learn how to count to ten at first. раз (один) – one два – two три – three четыре … Read more

Prepositions of place in Russian: how to use them correctly

Using prepositions always makes trouble for students. In Russian it is even more confusing, because it is not enough just to choose the right preposition. You should also put the noun in the right case with this preposition by changing its ending. So, today we will learn how to use prepositions of place and put … Read more

What does “davai” mean?

If you are learning Russian by talking to your Russian friends or by watching TV in Russian, or by listening to the Russian radio, you might probably hear the word давай (davai), which is very common here. Let’s look at a dialog: – Привет! Какие у тебя планы на сегодня? (Hi! What are your plans … Read more

Pronunciation of r in the Russian alphabet

For English speakers it may be difficult to pronunce the [r] sound in Russian. As you might know, the Russian letter for this sound is, surprisingly, р. It is not [p] sound as in English, it’s a trilled [r]. If you ever learnt Spanish, you are probably familiar with this sound. The way Americans pronounce … Read more

Ways to Say Goodbye in Russian

In one of my previous lessons we learned some basic greetings in Russian. Now it’s time to learn how to say goodbye in our beautiful language. Don’t worry, there arn’t so many ways of doing this. Again, you can learn the most common phrases and this will be enough. However, I’ll try to describe all the … Read more

101 essential phrases to survive in Russia

A trip to Russia is a big adventure for a foreigner. Mostly because English and other popular languages are not so common here. Maybe in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg there is a strong possibility that you will meet a person who speaks good English. If you are planning to travel deeper and discover other parts of … Read more