Are you learning Russian? Easy Russian is a monthly digital magazine designed for beginner and pre-intermediate level students of the Russian language.

Each issue contains a variety of materials to help build your Russian skills in an engaging way:

  • Simple illustrated articles on various topics to build vocabulary
  • Comprehension texts with pictures
  • Grammar notes and exercises
  • Word games and puzzles
  • Fun facts about Russian culture and life in Russia
  • And more!

The pilot issue is out now, featuring useful vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, and easy reading passages. It’s a short sampler issue (15 pages) to give you a taste of the content at an affordable $1 price.

Future issues will be longer and even more content-packed, while still remaining very accessible for beginner Russian learners.

  • Dative Case Practice
  • Verbs Related to Eating
  • Reading: What to Do If You Encounter a Bear in the Forest
  • Phrases: Desired and Undesirable
  • Essential Words for Writing
  • Interjections
  • Dialogue: Shopping at the Supermarket
  • Animal Quiz

You can purchase Easy Russian Magazine through the creator’s Boosty page (Boosty is similar to Patreon). Join today to get the pilot issue and support this new learning resource!