As a native Russian speaker who has personally learned multiple languages, I created this website to help others learn Russian from an insider’s perspective. Having been through the language learning process myself with English and Portuguese, I understand the common pitfalls and challenges students face when tackling Russian. Russian has a reputation for being linguistically complex, but with the right tools it can be an incredibly enriching language to learn.

Drawing from my own language learning experiences and native-level fluency, my goal is to simplify Russian learning using clear explanations, vocabulary building, dialogues, and other beginner-friendly content. I break down the complex grammar and conjugation rules that often trip up new students into easy-to-understand lessons focused on practical conversation.

Featured Beginner Material: My First 100 Russian Words

Getting bogged down in complex grammar is one of the biggest pitfalls for Russian learners. That’s why I created the vocabulary ebook “My First 100 Russian Words” as a way to start conversing right off the bat.

Rather than a dry vocabulary list, the book teaches these key words in contextual examples and everyday dialogues. Each word includes the Cyrillic spelling, English translation, proper pronunciation, associated grammar rules, and usage in sample sentences. This emphasizes how Russian is actually spoken while internalizing essential vocabulary.

As you progress through the 100 words, the examples and dialogues incorporate more vocabulary and bridge naturally into simple conversations. This incremental approach eases into fundamental grammar without dense technical explanations. You’ll learn by applying the words and structures through realistic situations as a Russian speaker would.

Russian Lesson YouTube Videos

In addition to the vocabulary book, I also have a YouTube channel where I post regular Russian lesson videos. My videos cover grammar explanations, vocabulary drills, conversations, and step-by-step breakdowns of language concepts. Be sure to subscribe to easily access new lessons as they come out.

Boost Your Russian with Boosty!

As a Russian content creator, monetizing online content has become challenging due to sanctions limiting payment options. Boosty is a Russian platform, similar to Patreon, that allows creators to offer exclusive subscriber content and get direct support from fans.

Boosty uses Russian payment processors so I can safely earn income there, and they take content security very seriously. With thousands of Russian bloggers and teachers already using Boosty, it has proven to be a reliable platform.

Take your learning further with my exclusive Russian content on Boosty. For just ₽200/month ($3 USD) get access to:

🎬 Russian Media Clips – Videos with subtitles to grow vocabulary
📚 Print Lessons – Grammar, vocab, phrases galore in handy PDFs
🎧 Audio Stories – Immerse your ears in spoken Russian
🧩 Interactive Exercises – Reinforce concepts learnt
📊 Infographics – Visual cheatsheets for key language elements

Plus direct access to me for personalized guidance with any questions on your Russian language journey!

Join the Russian Learning Telegram Channel

For anyone learning Russian, connecting with a language community can help answer questions and practice conversing. I have an active Telegram channel where I post useful materials and asnwer the questions. Join the group to meet other enthusiastic learners!

My Recent Blog Posts

In addition to the core learning materials, I also regularly publish blog posts on my website covering various aspects of learning Russian. Here are a few recent entries that Russian learners can benefit from:

I’m continually adding helpful new Russian learning content to the blog portion, so check back often or subscribe for updates on the latest entries.