38 Russian Words You Already Use in English

There are lots of Russian words that sound and look similar to English ones. Words that are identical in both languages can really help you. They are easy to remember. Here are some examples of common cognates you should recognize: доктор [doktar] – doctor профессор [prafyessar] – professor академия [akadyemiya] – academy университет [univyersityet] – … Read more

Essential Job Vocabulary in Russian

Let’s learn some words and expressions relating to work and employment. I already have Jobs and Professions List in Russian. Now it’s time to talk about work in general. We’ll also learn how to describe what you do. Vocabulary List работа – job, work безработица – unemployment безработный – unemployed рабочий – operative (employee), workman, … Read more

What does “blin” mean in Russian?

Russians use this word all the time. For example, you may hear a phrase like this: Блин, как же мне надоело мыть посуду! Which actually means “I’m sick of doing dishes”. But if you search the first word in a dictionary, you might be surprised because it’s actually… food! And it really is. Blin (блин) … Read more

Talking about the future in Russian

Future tense in Russia has two types: simple future and compound future. Simple future is more common but it can be really hard to learn. Let me explain why. We’ll start with compound future, because it’s much easier to remember.  Compound Future in Russian It is made up of two verbs. Here’s how its form … Read more

How to start a conversation in Russian

When you meet the person for the first time, you need to get acquainted before you start talking. We already learned how to get acquainted in Russian in one of my previous posts. But what about you’ve already met this person? Maybe you are friends or collegues. How to start a conversation with a friend … Read more

Saying yes and no: Russian for beginners

We’ve already started to learn Russian but there is one thing we missed: two easiest but essential words – yes and no. In Russian these words are also very short and easy to pronounce. да [duh]– yes нет [n’et] – no Pretty easy, isn’t it? But you should keep in mind that нет doesn’t sound … Read more