15 Russian Verbs for Speaking with Example Sentences

There are many verbs in English that describe speaking. In this post, you will learn all of them. Well, If I don’t forget to mention some. Говори́ть to speak, to talk Я говорю по-английски. – I speak English. Они все говорят, что невиновны. – They all say they’re innocent. Я уже говорил со своим адвокатом. – … Read more

How to say “I don’t care” in Russian

In this lesson we’re going to learn how to express indifference in Russian. There are many ways to do that, so let’s get to know them. Ways to say ‘I don’t care’ Here are some phrases that has the same meaning. You can translate them all to “I don’t care”: Мне всё равно. Мне безразлично. … Read more

How to Describe Size of Objects in Russian

You’re about to learn some new adjectives and phrases that will help you describe the size of literally anything.  Let’s begin with the basics: This was the masculine version. Don’t forget that adjectives in Russian also have feminine and neuter forms. And plural!  So, we have: крошечный – крошечная – крошечное – крошечные  маленький – … Read more

100+ Most Common Russian Adverbs (with Pronunciation)

An adverb is a word that provides greater description to a verb, adjective or another adverb. It answers questions like “How?”, “Where?”, “Why?”, etc. Adverbs in Russian do not change in form, so they are quite easy to remember. Adverbs of time (наречия времени) сейчас [sichas] – now теперь [tiper’] – now потом [patom] – … Read more

What does “blin” mean in Russian?

Russians use this word all the time. For example, you may hear a phrase like this: Блин, как же мне надоело мыть посуду! Which actually means “I’m sick of doing dishes”. But if you search the first word in a dictionary, you might be surprised because it’s actually… food! And it really is. Blin (блин) … Read more