Collocations with the verb делать (do)

The verb делать means to do or make something (in Russian it’s the same thing). Any activity can be expressed by this verb. How to use the verb To understand the idea better, let’s look at the the following examples: Что ты делаешь?  – What are you doing? Том делает красивую мебель из дерева. – … Read more

Preposition для: when do we use it?

Preposition для indicates a beneficiary of something and is used with the genitive case. To make it clearer, let’s look at the examples. We use it in some common expressions to name different kinds of things: гель для душа – shower gel (lit. gel for shower) обувь для бега – running shoes (shoes for running) … Read more

Prefix по- with Nouns, Adverbs and Verbs

Prefix по- is commonly used in Russian. You can see it in nouns or adverbs, but the question of how we use this prefix with verbs is what interests learners the most. We’ll talk a lot about verbs but let’s start with example of words that have that по- prefix. Adverbs: поначалу (at first, firstly, … Read more

Vegetables in Russian: Vocabulary List with Pronunciation

vegetables in Russian

We already know how to talk about food in Russian. Now it’s time to learn the vegetables names to enhance your vocabulary. картофель [kartofyel’] – potato (informal картошка [kartoshka]) огурец [aguryets] – cucumber (pl. огурцы) томат, помидор – tomato (pl. томаты, помидоры) морковь [markof’] – carrot (informal морковка [markofka]) свёкла [svyokla] – beetroot перец [pyeryets] … Read more