Essential Job Vocabulary in Russian

Let’s learn some words and expressions relating to work and employment. I already have Jobs and Professions List in Russian. Now it’s time to talk about work in general. We’ll also learn how to describe what you do. Vocabulary List работа – job, work безработица – unemployment безработный – unemployed рабочий – operative (employee), workman, … Read more

Professions and Occupations in Russian: Vocabulary List

Below we have a list of different Professions and Occupations in Russian. повар – cook/chef учитель/педагог – teacher (at school) преподаватель – lecturer, teacher (at college/university) врач/доктор – doctor (врач is a more common word) пожарный – firefighter спасатель – rescuer полицейский – police-officer предприниматель – entrepreneur маркетолог – marketer секретарь – secretary экономист – economist финансист – financier бухгалтер – accountant сотрудник банка … Read more

Possessive Ponouns in Russian and Their Forms

There is no such thing as possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives in Russian. For us it’s actually the same thing. Have a look at these sentences: Here’s another example: Он сказал, что это не твоя машина. Зачем ты сказал мне, что она твоя? – He told me, it was not your car. Why did you tell … Read more