Talking about the weather in Russian

Weather… it is crazy sometimes. Especially here, in Russia. Our country is huge and the climate varies in different parts of it. When it’s snowing in the north, it can still be warm in the south.  So, the weather takes a huge part of our everyday conversation. We talk about the weather with our friends, … Read more

Question words in Russian

What? Which? Who? We ask too many questions every day using the same question words. But there are even more question words in Russian. I’ll try to list them all with translation and transcription. Что? [shtoh] – What? Кто? [ktoh] – Who? Как? [kak] – How? Когда? [kag-da] – When? Сколько? [skol-ka] – How many/ how much? … Read more

Ways to ask and offer help in Russian

How to ask for help in Russian

There are many situations where we may need someone’s help. In this lesson, we’re going to learn some important Russian words and expressions to ask for help in any situation. I really hope it will be useful for you and you will learn how to use these words and expressions correctly. But first, let’s learn … Read more

Demonstratives in Russian: how to say “this”, these”, “that”, and “those”

We use demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives all the time. It’s hard to imagine how we could live without them. They really make our life easier. When we want to point something specific, demonstrarives are essential. Demonstrative adjectives We use demonstrative adjectives in same situations as we do in English. But, unfortunatelly, like all Russian … Read more

30 Russian Adjectives to Describe Someone’s Personality

Our personality makes us unique. There are different people around with different characters. Someone is always cheerful and friendly. Someone is too shy to talk to people. Someone doesn’t like to smile and looks very ungracious. Now we will try to describe someone’s personality in Russian. Character traits can be both positive and negative. Some … Read more