Question words in Russian

What? Which? Who? We ask too many questions every day using the same question words. But there are even more question words in Russian. I’ll try to list them all with translation and transcription. Что? [shtoh] – What? Кто? [ktoh] – Who? Как? [kak] – How? Когда? [kag-da] – When? Сколько? [skol-ka] – How many/ how much? … Read more

Demonstratives in Russian: how to say “this”, these”, “that”, and “those”

We use demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives all the time. It’s hard to imagine how we could live without them. They really make our life easier. When we want to point something specific, demonstrarives are essential. Demonstrative adjectives We use demonstrative adjectives in same situations as we do in English. But, unfortunatelly, like all Russian … Read more

How to say “friend” in Russian: friendship vocabulary

There are some ways to say “friend” in Russian language. The most common word for it is “друг“.The word “друг” is a masculine form, and the feminine form is подруга. Note the last word ends in “a”. It usually shows that a noun is feminine. Examples:Он мой друг.He is my friend.Она моя подруга.She is my … Read more