10 Easy Russian Tongue Twisters to improve your pronunciation

Speaking Russian can be very hard for English speakers, so you need to practice as much as possible to achieve a good result. In this article I’ve collected 10 easy Russian tongue twisters for practicing your pronunciation. There are some short and quite long tongue twisters. But they all are not so hard to pronunce. These tongue twisters will help you to practice and improve the pronunciation of к, б, п, р, ж, ш, щ, ч, с and also vowel sounds. Gathering together these sounds makes the practice more effective, cause they create many troubles for non-Russian speakers.

Don’t try to speed it up from the beginning. At first, you should pronounce every letter clearly and correctly. When you’ll get the point, you can increase the speed of speech.

So, good luck!

Don’t forget to post a comment of how you managed this. Was it hard for you? What sounds do you find the most difficult to pronounce? 

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